Fueling your business is a significant responsibility. At Falcon Propane, we’ve worked with businesses all across Northeastern Pennsylvania to become their reliable supplier of propane when they need it most. Whether it’s heating your warehouse, or providing the gas your restaurant cooks with, Falcon Propane is here to serve a variety of industries.

We offer everything from commercial propane to delivery and refueling, to installing new and industrial sized heating equipment. When you choose a company like Falcon Propane, you’re not only saving on energy costs, but also service costs.

With competitive pricing and full-service maintenance, Falcon Propane goes above and beyond for our customers. If you’re looking for a trusted propane supplier and installation for your business, contact Falcon Propane today!

To set up a delivery schedule, you can contact us directly at 570-207-1711. We look forward to your call and your service!