Installing your own large gallon propane tank requires more than just being able to lift a heavy load. Propane tanks need to be leveled appropriately, meet local regulations, and be stored in a safe location away from any other flammable materials.

Trust the technicians and excavators at Falcon Propane to deliver, install, and inspect your large gallon propane tank for your home. We are a licensed full-service propane company trained in handling large tank installation for both residential and commercial properties.

Residential Propane Installation Checklist

Unlike other contractors, we'll treat your home like it as our own, respecting your property, budget, and time for any project.

As a full-service propane company, Falcon propane can handle all inspection elements of your next tank installation. Before we fire up any tank, we'll ensure that your propane tank is:
- Leveled on cinderblocks or concrete pad
- Properly distanced to meet regulatory requirements
- Securely connected to an LP gas line
- Properly inspected for function, including all connected appliances and the pilot light

We’ll also review service maintenance options and to help ensure that your propane tank is quality assured.

Propane Installation Cost

All propane installation costs vary depending on the size of the tank, extent of labor involved, and whether or not your tank is an above-ground or underground tank. We offer competitive bids for projects and pride ourselves on abiding by the safest practices in our industry. With fast and friendly customer service, customers who turn to Falcon Propane are frequently satisfied and save tons of money.

To set up a delivery schedule, you can contact us directly at 570-207-1711. We look forward to your call and your service!